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Leaving the majority of our luggage in Queenstown, we head
out towards Skipper's, a tiny narrow dirt road along the canyon
above the Shotover River.  Back in time for a late lunch in
Arrowtown, we attempt to make our way towards Earnscleugh, where
we were told you can find a connection to Nevis Valley.  After
innumerable u-turns and a dead-end at dam, we decided to head back
to Bannockburn and take the road from there, as it was getting
late in the afternoon.  Passing over a desolate, rocky hill
overlooking Nevis Valley and the Hector Mountains / The
Remarkables, we traversed along the valley until we saw a sign
promising the kind of adventure we had hoped for.  Several hours,
24 kilometers, 25 fordings, lots of wet clothing and one
especially harrowing fording later, we reached the other side of
the road not long after the sun set.  The trip back along Lake
Wakatipu would surely had been memorable if had been a little
lighter, and we were both not hoping that we would be able to find
  food at 11pm in Queenstown (we did, but barely!).