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SF - Colorado trip, August 2006

I've recently returned from yet another motorcycle trip! This time I rode for 6 days across the southwest to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where my extended family was having a get together. After working for a week in Sun's office in Broomfield, I took 4 days to ride back. I love that I have the opportunity to travel so much, but I'm really glad to be back home in SF for a while. I feel like now I can be in one place and catch up on my life!

I actually did a similar trip 2 years ago, so I knew some of what to expect. There are so many beautiful things to see in the southwest, especially Utah. I didn't even ride many of the same roads (yay!). This time I stayed mostly on paved backroads. I think I got my fill of unpaved roads when I was in Peru! (At least for a little while... :-)

I camped at established campgrounds most nights, and I was surprised that even in August, it wasn't difficult to find nearly-empty campgrounds! That was really nice, since I like to enjoy the natural surroundings, and it's such a different experience camping with lots of people right around me.