Day 1: July 6, 2004
San Francisco to Monitor Pass, CA (250 miles)

Highest elevation: 8800 ft near monitor pass

I had to wait until the new windscreen for my new bike was delibered, around 1pm. I was anxious about having enough time to put in a good distance on the first day of my trip. It turned out find. I was getting pretty tired and hungry at the end of the day anyhow.

My first mountain pass of the trip. I wouldn't see elevations under around 4000 ft for the next 12 days.

Ebbetts Pass on CA-4


I camped off this short dirt road off CA-89, near Monitor Pass. It was the least developed campground that I stayed at this whole trip -- I didn't see any signs of the area having been camped in before. I like that :-)

Unpaved road off CA-89

CA-89 Monitor Pass

Next: Day 2 Monitor Pass to Humboldt-Toiyabe NF, NV

Day 1: San Francisco to Monitor Pass, CA
Day 2: to Humboldt-Toiyabe NF, NV
Day 3: to Tuweep, Grand Canyon NP, AZ
Day 4: to Grand Staircase - Escalante NM, UT
Day 5: to Owl Creek Pass, CO
Day 6: to Broomfield, CO

Return trip: Days 11-13: Broomfield, CO to San Francisco, CA