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I took another solo motorcycle trip to Baja, Mexico this winter. Weighing in at 9 days and 2700 miles, this trip was sorter than my trip to Baja 2 years back, but I managed to explore much more of Mexico since I didn't spend as much time in California.

Unfortunately, it was pretty wet and rainy on this trip, so I didn't get to camp as much or explore as many of the unpaved roads in Baja as I would have liked to. The trip was still quite successful, just of a different flavor. I stayed mostly in motels, which usually wouldn't be my preference, but it facilitated meeting more people, both travelers and natives. The rain provided some unique perspectives on the desert -- everything was green and flooded and blooming!

Distances in Baja are always much farther than they seem. Looking at this merged map of California and Baja (shown to the same scale here), I think I see why. The map of Baja shows every paved road, as well as many unpaved ones. Compared to most places I'm familiar with, the majority of Baja is devoid of human infrastructure.

Pink=pave Green=dirt Blue=sleep