Day 7: Jan 3, 2003
Stalton Sea to Vegas (339 miles)

Today I rode from Stalton Sea to Las Vegas. The ride was pretty boring and uneventful except for Joshua Tree National Park. It was beautiful, and probably the best sport-riding of the trip. Good pavement and turns that I can see all the way through. My only concern was that they might scrutinize my pass when I left and compute my average speed - surely above the posted limit!

Joshua Tree N.P. - entering

Joshua Tree N.P. - Fire Danger Extreme Today

Joshua Tree N.P. - funny cacti

Joshua Tree N.P. - mountains

I stayed with a friend in Vegas. This picture truely does say a thousand words. Las Vegas is lush with plants foreign to the desert, kept alive by a civilization with resources to spare. The extravagence is a stark comparison with the ruggendess of the rest of my trip. However, the soft bed and delicious home-made food were certainly welcome :-)

Matt in Vegas

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