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I live in San Francisco, California and like to travel, especially on my motorcycles.
Here are some trip reports / photo-journals from recent adventures:

(August 2015) Birth of our first child.
(May 2015) Working in Paris.
(March 2015) Working in Tokyo.
(January 2015) Hiking in Big Bend National Park; visiting in Texas.
(December 2014) Megan's wedding in CT, Cross country skiing in Yosemite.
(September 2014) Sierras w/ in-laws.
(August 2014) Family vacation in Ireland + Norway.
(May 2014) Working in and visiting Paris.
(March 2014) Working in Tokyo and visiting Michelle in Kyushu.
(December 2013) Cross country Skiing in Yosemite and camping in the Mojave desert.
(November 2013) Visiting in-laws in Taiwan.
(September 2013) Honeymoon in Turkey.
(July 2013) Wedding in San Francisco.
(December 2012) Hiking in Death Valley.
(November 2012) Hiking in Yosemite.
(July 2012) Canoeing in Canyonlands, Utah.
(January 2012) Kauai island, Hawaii, with Carol.
(August 2011) Iceland with Carol.
(May 2011) Hiking the Lost Coast.
(December 2010) Costa Rica with Carol.
(November 2010) Death Valley with Carol.
(October 2010) Vermont with Pete, Jane, and Carol.
(September 2010) Motorcycle camping trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains with Pete and Brett.
(July 2010) Four day hike on the John Muir Trail with Carol.
(June 2010) Japan with Carol.
(March 2010) New Zealand with Carol.
(September 2009) Burning Man 2009.
(July 2009) Motorcycling in Utah and Nevada with Carol.
(June 2009) Kings Canyon backpacking trip with Carol.
(October 2008) Barcelona & Morocco with Carol.
(August 2008) Burning Man 2008 (also more people).
(March 2008) Trip to London and South Africa: Madikwe Game Park (video), Cape Town, and a motorcycle trip.
(September 2007) Trip to Germany, Austria, & Italy (flash).
(August 2007) My first time at Burning Man (flash).
(June 2007) Camping in Death Valley on my way to/from Las Vegas (flash).
(April 2007) Traveling with friends around New Zealand (flash).
More photos of people (flash).
(Aug 2006) Motorcycle ride to Boulder, Colorado.
(Jun-Jul 2006) Traveling with friends around Peru.
Extended editions available with more people and more places.
(March 2006) Visiting Kauai Island, Hawaii.
(Jan 2006) Attending my brother's wedding and associated activities in Orlando.
(Nov-Dec 2005) Traveling with friends around Australia and New Zealand.
Extended editions available of Australia, New Zealand, and NZ motorcycle trip.
(August 2005) Motorcycle trip to Montana.
(July 2005) Camping in Mendocino National Forest with friends.
(May 2005) Traveling around Vietnam -- Hanoi, Cat Ba Island, and the mountains of northwest Vietnam. (condensed version also available)
(March 2005) Pictures from around Beijing, China.
(March 2005) Traveling around China with friends -- Great Wall, Datong, Xi'an.
(February 2005) Pictures from Beijing, China.
(February 2005) Trip to Dalian, China.
(January 2005) Second trip to Baja California, Mexico.
(Summer-Fall 2004) I've been attending a bunch of track days with my motorcycle (SV650S).
I'd highly recommend the organizers, Keigwins @ the track.
(December 2004) Visited Las Vegas (by plane).
(November 2004) Camping trip to the LA area for thanksgiving with Brett Levin (on DL650 and GS500).
(July 2004) First motorcycle trip on my new DL650, to Boulder, Colorado.
(July 2003) Motorcycle trip to Astoria, Oregon on my SV650S (no pics yet).
(May 2003) Visited Seoul, South Korea, my first time in Asia (though not on motorcycle :-).
(May 2003) Weekend camping trip to Mendocino N. F., California with Brett Levin (on SV650S and GS500).
(February 2003) Trip to Mt. Tam, California with friends.
(December 2002) First long motorcycle trip, to Baja California, Mexico on my first bike, a Ninja EX250
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I am a software engineer at Delphix, where I embed filesystems in database storage appliances. I co-founded the ZFS project at Sun in 2001, designed and implemented major components of ZFS including snapshots and remote replication, and helped lead the team for 9 years. I have a work-related weblog, and a now-defunct weblog from Sun.

I created the OpenZFS project, and have presented at several conferences.

A more complete work bio is available here


I graduated from Brown University with a Sc.B. in Computer Science in 2001.
(Spring 2001) Hacking LegOS, a miniature kernel for the Lego Mindstorms (now known as brickOS).
(Fall 2000) Head-TA'ing cs167/9: Operating Systems.
(Fall 2000) Writing a VFS-layer simulator for use in cs167.
(Summer 2000) Interning in the filesystem group at NetApp, writing a filesystem editor.
(Spring 2000) Porting the Brown Simulator, used in cs169, to Linux.
(Spring 2000) Interactive Raytracing in the CAVE. Presentation slides in postscript or pdf.
(Fall 1999) cs229 final project: Motion from Spacetime Constraints. Paper in postscript or pdf.

Email me: matt at mahrens dot org -- or -- mahrens at alumni dot brown dot edu